Webinar Agenda:

  1. We’ll look at who this webinar is for
  2. I’ll explain to you what EXACTLY the course program consists of, what topics are covered and what you’ll learn in each of them
  3. I’ll teach you why people fail at becoming a digital marketer – and what to do to avoid failing
  4. I’ll introduce you to three success stories, and I’ll tell you what 5 things you need to succeed as a Google Certified Digital Marketer.
  5. I’ll talk about the program cost, how to get hold of the 20% off my Google Certified Digital Marketer course program
  6. For those of you who stick around until the very end, I have a 24h-time limited surprise bonus (you don't want to miss this)


Make sure you turn off anything that could distract you during the webinar:

  • Find a quiet room where nobody will disturb you for the next hour or so
  • Close open browser tabs that you won't need
  • Avoid streaming music as it may affect the webinar
  • Avoid download files while watching the webinar to not impact speed
  • You may want to bring a piece of paper and a pen: you'll need it to write down your discount coupon code :-)